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Agnes Scott Recruiting Q & A

Question: What are the basic provisions of the recruiting regulations?

Answer: In Division III, coaches may make in-person on- or off-campus contact with a prospect as long as any off-campus contact occurs AFTER the completion of the prospect’s junior year in high school.

Question: What is the difference between an official and unofficial visit?

Answer: An official visit is a visit financed in whole or in part by the college. An unofficial visit is a visit made at the student-athlete's own expense.

Question: How many official visits may I take to one college

Answer: One

Question: How many unofficial visits may I take to one college?

Answer: An unlimited number.


Question: When can I take my official visit?

Answer: Anytime after January 1 of the prospective student-athlete's junior year of high school

Question: How long can my official visit last?

Answer: No more than 48 hours

Question: When can I take my unofficial visit?

Answer: A prospective student athlete can visit a college an unlimited number of times at her own expense at any time.

Question: During my official or unofficial visit may I practice or play with the team?

Answer: No, you may not participate in practices or games, but you may watch.

Question: Do I have to sign up for the NCAA Clearinghouse?

Answer: No, Division III student-athletes do not have to registerwith the NCAA Clearinghouse.


Question: Do I have to sign a national letter of intent (NLI)?

Answer: No, Division III coaches are not allowed to make you sign a letter of intent. (NCAA rule 20.11.4)

Question: Can a coach email, call or text me?

Answer: Yes, Division III coaches may do all of the above at any time.