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Esther Kaplan

Esther Kaplan

Name: Esther Kaplan

Year of Graduation/Major: 2009

Sport Played: Tennis, Swimming

Current Career: DOD-Civilian

Favorite Memory: Being a part of the athletics program at Agnes gave me the opportunity not only to play to the sports I love, but also to dedicate myself to my academics--exactly the way it should be at a Division III school. The most important part of doing sports, though, was my teammates and my coaches. No matter what the outcome of the match or the race or the season, we were there to support and encourage each other (and to act silly on those long bus trips). I will say, however, that there's a special place in my heart for when the tennis team finally won the conference championship and when we won our match in the first round of the NCAA tournament my senior year. It was amazing to see what we had been working toward finally realized and I know that present and future Scottie tennis players are working to carry the torch.

What I Miss Most About Agnes: The thing I miss most about my time at Agnes is the sense of community. I have so many incredible memories from my four years there and all of them tie back to the friends I made and the time we were able to spend together.

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